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Providing efficient modern emergency management solutions.

Preparedness is one of the secrets of a successful company. Not only should your organization be prepared for the outcome of the risks it takes, but it should also be ready to face the unexpected. Get effective emergency management consulting services from Paratus 360 LLC of New England. From contingency planning to command center design, you can count on us to help you rise above the challenges ahead of you and your organization.

Our services


Design and Development of Emergency Operations Centers // Building Emergency Operations Plans // Mitigation Planning // Continuity of Operations Planning


Exercise Development and Facilitation (Intimate to Full-Scale) // Team Development // EOC Staff Training // Live Skills Building // Emergency Manager “For Hire”


Systems Development // Incident Management via Technology // Staff Preparedness Videos, Courses, and e-Training Development // Modern Solutions for Emergency Management


Crisis Communications // PIO Training // Exercise and Development // Communications Plan Development // Media Coordination // Internal Communications Both Routine and Emergency

“The time to repair a roof is when the sun is shining”John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Make the most of the emergency and contingency planning services of Paratus 360. Let us help you identify the vulnerabilities and capabilities of your organization, create a sustainable continuity of operations plan, and practice effective plan execution. By doing so, you can minimize losses and expect faster recovery.


Denis Waitley said, “Expect the best, plan for the worst, and be prepared to be surprised.” That is exactly what we do at Paratus 360. We offer dependable emergency management consulting services designed to prepare small and large businesses for possible disasters. Be it resiliency or emergency planning, we can help you. Check out our gallery to learn more.


No disaster can beat someone who is ready for the unexpected. Understand new innovative resources your organization needs to be prepared. Take advantage of our technology expertise and be prepared to face the challenges life will throw your way. We have vast experience and knowledge about emergency management, so you can rest assured that you will get nothing but exceptional emergency and contingency services that you won’t find elsewhere.


Our business and communication consulting agency is committed to providing you with the emergency management consulting solutions you need. No matter what the size of your organization is, you can count on us to maximize our resources to help you build a resilient organization.

We are

Paratus 360 LLC is an emergency management consulting firm specializing in cost-effective business continuity, emergency planning, and crisis communication. We help businesses build their condition of preparedness to respond and recover from any type of interruption. With our extensive selection of emergency management solutions, you can trust us to make your organization more resilient.

How we work.

Once you have contacted Paratus 360, we provide you with an information packet as well as an explanation of our services.

We provide services from plan review and coaching to complete emergency management program development. When you are ready, the Chief Strategist will contact you to discuss your project.

After the initial free consultation with our Chief Strategist, you have the opportunity to view the anticipated timeframe and cost expectation for the project.

If everything is agreeable, we move onto the Consulting Agreement and Payment Information. Projects are paid as an hourly consulting fee, unless otherwise scheduled or agreed upon by the Chief Strategist.

The initial payment is for the first four hours of consulting, which is the minimum project timeframe. These initial four hours are billed upon signing. Once these hours are used, hours are then billed on a bi-weekly basis. Paratus 360 bills at an hourly consulting rate - however, we bill in 5 minute increments.

Each project is different, yet all projects are broken down by timeframe. The overall cost of the project is dependent upon the number of hours necessary to complete the tasks required. The consultant you are working with will inform you of any unexpected delays or obstacles that may affect the estimated timeframe as soon as it is known.

The project is only complete when you and your organization is satisfied with the product. In the nature of this work, often times one project quickly spins into another...and our plan prepares us for that.


Our current rate schedule is listed on our website for reference. Please keep in mind that all projects are paid through an hourly consulting fee, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Virtual Rate

Travel, On-Site Rate
$275/hour + $1/mile
(May Require Add'l Travel Expenses)

Speaking Rate

Training Rate (Pre-Built)
$300/class hour
(Approx. $1,200 per half day)

Training Rate (Custom Course)
$750/class hour

Primarily Serving the New England Area. Available Virtually Across the United States.
On-Site Special Projects Outside of New England Accepted Upon Availability.

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